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Custom Monogram Lighting/Spot Lights

 We have excellent designers we work with who can create a custom monogram that you can use for a custom lighting effect at your event. The process actually involves a special  metal or glass gobo to be designed, cut and is then displayed through a special projector. We can also work with monogram designs you might already have. Repeating the monogram that you use on invitations, the cake, or other elements of your event can really bring everything together in a great way. Your  custom monogram will be shown in a prominent place in the room personalizing the room instantly. Two great places to project your monogram would be centered on the dance floor or above the head table for wedding receptions. We can create modern art style designs or traditional monograms to fit your personal tastes. Monograms are impressive by themselves or work incredibly well with our optional uplighting.

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Event Up lighting by Premier Ohio Lighting Designers 

 Decor "Up Lighting" at Old Ranch Country Club


Music will get your guests to dance but good lighting will create the right atmosphere and mood. Many times  the issue of lighting at wedding receptions has not been taken seriously resulting in making the place look like any other room without ambience and the glamour it ought to have. Aside from other factors, the lighting also provides the feeling with which people could associate the music with. As the music rolls, we select the best colors and intensity to match it. It helps the guests to associate themselves with the event. We use high output L.E.D. fixtures that have tons of color options and  effects. The fixtures are low energy and are cool to the touch so there is no  heat  or fire concerns. Lighting is one very important part of your reception. You cannot afford to lose sight of the role it plays in both your reception hall ambience and in the mood of your guests. Leave your upcoming event in the hands of a  professional with Fox Entertainment!

Elegant Ceiling Mood Lighting

We can create any type of ceiling mood lighting effect or theme. However, many have never seen ceiling mood lighting or even know what it is. It can be various types of effects such as running water, clouds, rain, stars and much more. With a combination of our uplighting and ceiling lighting you and your guests will love the atmosphere that is created!